The Ugglys Yoys

Ugglys toys are a range of electronic dog puppets from UK toymaker Character Options.

The Ugglys are carefully programmed to produce a range of gross sounds. There are three pug Uggly dogs to choose from initially.

Ugglys ToyEach Ugglys dog puppet has 30 sound effects including eleven totally random disgusting noises. Open the Ugglys mouth to burp; close the electronic puppet’s mouth to fart.

The Ugglys also snort, laugh, sneeze, slobber and scream. You can even distort and warp sounds by turning the dial on the collar.

New for 2015 is Fartchi – press the remote to see him wag his tail and let rip! Also new is The Ugglys Pet Shop featuring pet food cans with two pets and 8 Ugglys Pet Shop figures. The Ugglys Pet Shop line has 101 different pet animal characters to collect. Look out for the rare ‘Stickies’ with actual sticky coating, and ‘Rusty Pets’ with real effect rusty finishes.

The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van has over 30 different gross sound effects making it the ideal vehicle for the Pet Shop Ugglys to hang out in.

From May 2015 Character Options released a new range of The Ugglys Pet Shop mini figures. Series 1 features 101 disgusting pets to collect in twin pack pet food-style cans and eight figure multi packs. Watch out for hidden ‘poops’, including the special ‘golden poop’! Stack Gross Homes together to make a towering Ugglys Pet Shop.

Other playsets include The Ugglys Pet Shop Pet Store and the Dirty Dog Wash Van. The Dirty Dog Wash Van features a mobile toilet with sound effects as well as 30 other unique gross sound effects.

With the current fashion for gross toys, the Ugglys, with over eight different fart noises alone, definitely fits the bill.

Ugglys Electronic Toy Puppets

Ugglys Pup-Pet

Ugglys Dog Puppet includes Instruction Booklet and Uggdoption Certificate

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