Huntik Toys

Huntik is produced by Rainbow SPA a large European animation studio based in Italy.

Huntik Toys

Huntik Toys

Huntik toys are made by master toy licensee Giochi Preziosi. Huntik is a major new animated TV series aimed at boys from 6 to 12 years of age.

Huntik toys include Huntik action figures, role-play and play sets. Huntik is set in exciting real life locations such as New York, Prague and the Amazon as well as fictional worlds such as Nefertiti, Atlantis and Thor. The rival Huntik Foundation Seekers and Evil Organization compete for Titan Amulets containing magical Titan energy.

Huntik’s 78 Titans make its collectability very appealing to fans and commercial potential obvious to licensees.

Huntik ‘Secrets and Seekers’ figures and mini-figures are available in blister packs including Defoe, Zhalia Moon, Caliban and Redcap with all these Huntik toys featuring accessories such as Amulets. Deluxe Huntik figures such as Breaker are also amongst the first Huntik toys released in the UK.

With Italian toy maker Giochi Preziosi, the fifth largest toy company in the world, on board Huntik toys are sure to get global retail exposure and make Huntik one of the hottest new boys toy brands around.

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