Dudes Toys

Series 1 Dudes Figures

Series 1

Dudes toys and figures come from the Dudes app and online game.

Dudes toys are made by Shropshire-based UK toy company Golden Bear. They will be available from Spring 2013.

Dudes Toys


Golden Bear are releasing an initial wave of 24 figures to collect in Series 1. The toys are blind bagged to add to the collecting fun, though multipacks are also available. Each Dudes figure comes with a collector’s leaflet and QR code which gamers can use to unlock new areas on the Dudes app.

You can even superimpose your own face onto your virtual Dudes character and watch yourself rap or share it online.

Dudes micro figures are ultra-stylized street-fashion characters that should appeal to gamers and collectors.

Dudes Washington Park Arena Playset

Dudes Washington Park Arena

Back in the real world Dudes fans will be getting a variety of Dudes playsets to go with the figures. The Washington Park Arena comes with six exclusive Platinum Dudes. The Dudes Skate Park Arena includes four exclusive Gold Dudes.

Dudes toys are virtually certain to be the next big craze both offline and online.

Dudes Skate Park Arena Playset

Dudes Skate Park Arena

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