Hexbug Aquabots

Aquabots toys are a new innovation from Hexbug creators Innovation First.

Innovation First, headquartered in Texas, are a world-leader in robotic toys having developed the hugely successful Hexbug brand.

Whereas Hexbugs can merely crawl along the ground, Hexbugs Aquabots can swim freely and even change direction, automatically sensing when they hit the water.

Completely waterproof, these approximately four inch long robotic fish use very similar vibrating technology to their Hexbug insect predecessors to propel themselves through the water.

Aquabots Clown Fish with Fish Bowl

Aquabots Fish Bowl

Hexbug Aquabots launch in two styles – Sharks or Clown Fish – and are found in ten different colours. Encased in translucent plastic, you can actually see the robotic parts inside moving.

The Aquabot with Fish Bowl set gives a hi-tech introduction to keeping pet fish.

Aquabots shark toys look superb and are a fantastic addition to the award-winning Hexbugs line.

Available in a range of bright neon colours Hexbug Aquabots will be available at retail from Autumn 2013.

From 2014 the range is expanded to include Hammerhead Shark and Angelfish Aquabots with LED lights that flash as the tail moves.

2015 sees the release of Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 Jellyfish and Seahorse. The Aquabots Seahorse and Jellyfish are available in five different colours and both can swim to the bottom of a tank and back up to the surface using their sensors. Aquabot Seahorse and Jellyfish now feature an inner LED glow to really light up bath time.

Also new in 2015 is the Hexbug Aquabot RC Angelfish. In 5 unique styles, the Aquabot Angelfish can either swim on its own or when guided by the remote control unit.

Aquabots toys will turn bath time into funtime.

Aquabots Sharks

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